A1 Personnel first started to work with Asda in 2004, supplying Class 1 drivers to Dartford.  After 3 years of successful supply we were asked to become involved in the supply of Warehouse Operatives due to a failure to supply from the incumbent agency.  Receiving the call just after 6am on a Saturday morning we were asked to immediately supply 5 workers.  Within an hour, we had 5 staff and an A1 Personnel Manager at the distribution centre.

From that point onwards, Dartford continued to book temporary staff through us.  As the numbers grew we started regular on-site surgeries to ensure the needs of hiring managers and our temporary workers were met in the most time efficient manner.  This became a full time on site management presence from 0600 – 2200 daily (including weekends) and night time on-call cover.

Within a year of starting to supply warehouse staff to Dartford, A1 Personnel were also successful in starting to supply to the Erith DC.  Similarly to Dartford, we were contacted requesting staff at short notice during Christmas week 2007.  We successfully supplied and again our numbers grew to the point where an on site presence was needed.

Off the back of our consistent and capable supply to Erith and Dartford DC’s, when the local Asda retail store in Dartford needed temporary staff, they approached Dartford DC to ask for a recommendation. The DC management recommended A1 Personnel, and we now supply the retail store.


A1 Personnel now supply a team of Managers and Consultants which enables a complete end to end solution.  Headed by our Client Services Manager and Contracts Manager we currently supply up to 80 staff to one of the ASDA DCs and up to 140 to the other.

Our reactive service enables us to supply high volumes of pre qualified staff at short notice which matches the demands of the fluctuating business levels experienced by the ASDA DCs.  We operate on a fulfilment level of 100% and last year saved both DCs a considerable amount of money.

A1 Personnel are able to mirror the ethos of the client and therefore build a partnership between both parties.  This results in increased commitment from the temporary staff because they feel part of a working partnership.

The current service to ASDA includes:

  • A team of A1 Personnel staff managing 2 sites including a Client Manager, Recruitment Consultants and Team Leaders working directly to increase pick performance.
  • Onsite presence from A1 Personnel 7 days per week
  • Pool of trained and available workers to enable ASDA to flex the number of workers on site daily
  • Multilingual Consultants and Managers
  • Daily coaching of Warehouse Operatives to achieve maximum pick performance
  • Fully managed interview, assessment and induction process to include voice pick assessments and daily pick rate monitoring
  • Fully AWR compliant workforce with no additional costs to ASDA
  • Reduced attrition and increased productivity through effective management of temporaries

A1 Personnel have been trading with Morrisons since 2009 when the distribution centre opened in Sittingbourne. In this time we have evolved a bespoke onsite solution that manages the daily workforce fluctuations and enables Morrisons to flex number with sometimes only an hours notice.

In 2010 Norbert Dentressangle (NDL) took over the managed service for the CHEP pallet repair and distribution centre in Essex. A1 Personnel started to supply to the CHEP site in 2003 when the incumbent agency was not able to supply the right calibre of staff.