Date Published: February 24, 2017

If you are looking for a new job at the moment, you may be looking at recruitment agencies Essex based to see what is on offer. However, even with help from a1 personnel there is no way that you are ever going to be able to get the job of your dreams without having a great CV – as that is the thing that your potential employers are going to see before they make the decision about whether they want to give you an interview or not. For this reason, if you haven’t updated your CV in a while, you should think about doing so – and this blog will give you some great tips about exactly how to do it.

Make your layout easy to read

If all of your text is bunched up, then there is a chance that the employer will find it difficult to read – and often this means that they will simply flick straight over to the next one without bothering to read yours properly at all. Take a look at your CV, and think about what you would say about it if you were seeing it for the first time. If it isn’t easy to read, then you should think about a layout change, as this could make a huge difference.

Take off old experience

It’s great that you did a paper round when you were 14 years old – but if you’re going for a job in a management role in an office then this isn’t likely to be something that impresses them very much. If you have experience that is old and out of date then there is little point in putting it on your CV – as it just means that the employers have more to read, and they may be frustrated due to the amount of time that it is taking them to do so. Have a look at what is actually listed on your CV when it comes to experience, and think about whether your employer really needs to see that particular item for the role that you have applied for.

High relevant experience

If you are going for a job that you have done something similar to in the past, then this is what you need to highlight on your CV – even if it might not be the most recent job that you have done. The people hiring you will want to know that you are suitable for the role, and being able to show that you have experience in the field is by far the best way of being able to show this. If relevant listings are hidden too far down the page, your employer may never get the chance to see them.

On the whole, having a good CV can really make a huge difference when it comes to being able to get the job that you really want. This means that taking time to give your CV a spring clean is more than worth it, and you should be able to reap the benefits when you make your next application.