Date Published: March 17, 2017

In the current economic climate, many companies have had to cut down on the number of people that they employ, and as a result of this lots of people have found themselves being made redundant. It can be a shock to be suddenly hunting for jobs in Basildon and it can often leave people quite helpless, well you should know that you have some rights and you should check them out on the GOV website. However there are plenty of Basildon jobs out there for you to find. The perfect job doesn’t always come straight away, however, and this blog will help you to think about what you could do with your time in between jobs.

Get some experience

If you’re struggling to get a new job because you lack experience, then this is a great time to do it. A voluntary role could bring a lot to your CV, and it will show the employers that you are applying to, that you really are taking the job hunt seriously, and this is something that will look very good indeed if you are able to attend an interview.


There’s nothing wrong with expanding your skills, and a short period of unemployment is the best time to do this. If you have a local college then you may find that they have free courses for adults, in things like first aid, sign language, or even maths and English if you didn’t pass (or even take) your exams at school. Personal development can help to boost your confidence, and this is very important when you’re on the hunt for a new job.

Try to improve your lifestyle

Lots of people wish that they were able to eat healthily and exercise more, but many fail to find the time to do this thanks to the fact that they are so busy at work. However, when you’re between jobs, you have the perfect chance to make a real difference, so it is the ideal time to get into a healthy routine. If money is tight then there is no need to join a gym – even doing something as simple as going for a walk can help you to get fit. Not only this, but exercise boosts endorphins, too, which can help, as people often feel low when they have been made redundant.

Reconnect with old contacts

Being busy can mean that we lose touch with lots of people who are important to us, so why not reach out to friends and family who you haven’t seen for a while, and try to arrange to meet up? It can really improve mood to have positive contact with people we love – so this is a great plan.

Although you may not have chosen to have this time spare between jobs, there is a very real chance to make the most of it – and this means that you can turn your situation around in a way that actually benefits you. Not many people have the opportunity to take time out for self-development, so it makes sense that you should make the most of the time that you have before you enter the world of employment again.