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Permanent Staffing

Long term, Loyal & Experienced Staffing

Recruiting the right permanent staff for an organisation can be the difference between a successful and failing business.  A1 Personnel understand the importance of building the right team and have developed a fail safe approach to permanent recruitment that ensures as a candidate you need only choose the best opportunity for you and as a client you have the difficult decision of deciding between the final candidates presented to you.

We are not an agency that simply fires out as many CVs as possible in the hope that we will be lucky.  Our process is managed by our Consultants to ensure that every candidate presented could be the next success story for that vacancy.

As a candidate you will be interviewed by a specialist Consultant who will establish your needs and the type of role that you are looking for.  As a local recruiter we are best placed to advise you on availability in your area and how realistic your expectations are.

As a client, an A1 Personnel Consultant will meet with you to discuss the type of person that you are looking to employ.  After establishing a full screening criteria we will set deadlines for presentation of candidates, interview process, candidate feedback and start dates.  By the end of the meeting you will have a clearly defined timeline and will be kept up to date with any changes throughout the process.

Our strict management of the permanent recruitment process means that we are the agency of choice for various multi national employers who are based in the local area.  We are respected by local SMEs as a point of reference and as a service that can be depended upon to drive local business forward.

Success, whether personal or in business is dependant on the people that you are surrounded by.  Let A1 Personnel introduce you to the people that will facilitate your next achievement.

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