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As an agency with 25 years experience we have built up excellent relationships with our clients and candidates. At A1 Personnel we take our duty of care to all parties very seriously and this is reflected in what people say about us.

Fifteen years ago, CHEP UK Ltd started using a local Agency, A1 personnel, for temporary workers at our Brentwood Plant. This relationship is still flourishing, mainly due to the professionalism and close attention given by my main contact Sarah McCormack. Since the start of the venture, Sarah has always striven to give us the best staff and service she can. Her knowledge and suggestions to improve areas of the account have always been well received and I have lent on her advice many times. Whenever we need assistance, I have complete trust and confidence Sarah will do what she can to provide what we need. Recruitment of temporary workers at times can be a minefield, however having an expert like Sarah has made the A1 / CHEP partnership one that is smooth, worthwhile and efficient.


Plant Operations Manager

The commitment of the team at A1 Personnel from Management to Consultants and Team Leaders is second to none and all aids the smooth running of our site. I would not hesitate to recommend A1 Personnel and their service. I have been using A1 Personnel’s temporary services and on-site facility for over 5 years and we have been continually impressed with their service and calibre of staff. They are quick to resolve any issues with successful results and play a key role in motivating and maintaining the morale of our temporary colleagues. This has enabled us to reduce our turnover and improve training costs and productivity.


Operations Manager

Have worked on and off with A1 Personnel for a couple of years and as a driver my main contact was Louise in the office who has ALWAYS been friendly and understanding towards me and my availability. Having worked for other agencies in the past A1 Personnel are like a breath of fresh air they are very open and honest to you regarding the job what it entails and all the financial details regarding the assignment. Keep up the good work Guys and Girls and look forward to working with you again soon.

Jon W

Signed up to the company 2 weeks ago and they made me feel comfortable and explained everything very well. Once that was done I was passed to Sarah McCormack and she helped me get a job I preferred, so all in all very professional and very helpful.

Steve B

Very patient and considerate staff who will place you on a job that matches the conditions you would have given them. Always have something to offer to everyone no matter how selective you are as an employee. I was briefed about the company I would work for the very same day I registered with them.

Panashe M

I would just like to say a big thankyou to A1 Personnel who were welcoming from the first day. Whether a contract run out, they always provided me with work every day unlike other agencies I was with before, where there was weeks when I never got work. I hope continued success for A1 as they go from strength to strength!

Ben A

Welcoming, professional and helpful. As for previous review from someone wage slips & wages always have been on time.

Zena B

I have been working with Natalie & A1 Personnel for a number of years now and A1 are the top of my list for all staff requirements. We use 1-2 agencies only, and i am contacted by at least 20 a week trying to take the business away with features and benefits speeches about how great they are etc, but with Natalie you genuinely get what i consider any employer requires, which is Honesty Communication Reliability High service levels Genuine care for the staff A1 is without doubt in the top 3 agents I have ever worked with going back 20 years, and Natalie ranks as the No1 contact. And this is purely down to the personal relationship and understanding of my requirements by Natalie, she has her finger on the pulse, does what she says she will, there is no waffle or excuses and everything is open. Agency staff for me tend to mirror their agency, poor staff are a reflection of either a non caring sales agent or a sales agent who has not listened and put the time into screening, and all the staff I get from Natalie are always exactly what is required. On top of that Natalie is actually a very nice person. A1 as a name for obvious reasons has a certain resonance with ourselves, we are in the top 1% of people efficient companies in the EU and have high expectations and are a very goal orientated and result driven business, and Natalie and A1 Personnel fit our ethos perfectly, I can not recommend them any higher than i have done here, and anyone who is considering making the switch to A1 and has any doubts, let me reassure you, you will not be disappointed. We say here ‘recruit well, manage easy’, and that is what Natalie brings to the table for us.

Director of Operations & RP – Pharmaceuticals Business

I contacted this agency because my professional experience corresponded to the advert from the website. After a few days I received an invitation for an interview. The conversation was in a relaxed atmosphere. Within three days I received theoretical and practical knowledge of conditions and the course of my future work. Conditions at work are more than satisfactory. Everyone is tolerant and always open to help. The employees of the Agency A1 are always smiling and happy. I am very glad that I started to work through A1 Personnel. I would recommend A1 Personnel to anyone!


Mateusz Miklas

Temporary Worker

I am currently working for A1 Personnel as a driver and have been for the last 6 months. I started as an unexperienced driver and they have been very compliant and helpful to date. I am very happy working for them and pleased with the work they have given me.

Radoslaw J

I remember, it was hard to find work as a hgv driver until I stumbled upon A1 Personnel. Got into the office, met the team, signed up with them and then the question: can you work tomorrow? 😱 Been with them ever since 😄

Flavius M

Very good agency. No issues with them. They kept the work flowing with the opportunity to do plenty of overtime. I went temp to perm with this agency. Good pay and got paid on time every week. Very polite staff.

Allie R

Spoke to Ben, he was very helpful and had me in work the next day. The girls in the office are very helpful and pleasant to deal with. I recommend A1 Personnel to anyone.

Chris L


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