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Interview Tips

Before the interview:

• Research the company, so you’ll be ready for the question: “What do you know about this company?” • To learn about the company culture you can read external company reviews. • By re-reading the job description, look for skills the employer is looking for so you can align your skills to you meet these requirements. • Practice your answers to common questions such as: “Why are you interested in this role?” or “What can you bring to this company?” etc. • Prepare to be asked about previous job experiences. Think of giving examples on how you solved specific problems. • Prepare a few smart questions relevant to the company or position you can ask during the interview. • Make sure you have the appropriate outfit and the means to be well-presented when the interview comes. • Make sure you know how to get to the interview in time (ahead of time if possible). • Prepare to bring a copy of your CV and a small notebook with a pen to take notes.

During the interview:

• Be polite and treat everyone you encounter with respect. • Have a confident, accessible body language, maintain eye-contact and smile frequently. • Let the interviewer lead the conversation, don’t talk over them. Listen carefully and be interested in what the interviewer has to say. • Be clear and concise with your answers and make sure they actually answer the questions you’ve been asked. • If there is something you don’t understand, dare to ask in order to avoid any confusion.

After the interview:

• Always thank the interviewer for his time • Ask what the next stage is • If the position is offered to you right away, and you are not sure about it, you can politely ask for some time to consider the offer. • Follow up with a thank-you e-mail within 24 hours of the interview, reiterating your interest in the position. (this also gives a chance to include details you might have forgotten to mention in the interview)

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